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Commercial Transactions is a database consisting of commercial sales and pricing information from Jan. 1, 1984 through the present. All sales are retrieved directly from county deed records. Secondary sources are not relied upon as our staff is trained to pull all commercial, industrial, retail, apartment and raw land transactions. All sizes and values are included as we do not pick and choose the information we provide. Our data is timely. In most cases transactions are provided within ten working days from their filing dates. In addition to the above information, we also include the principals of each transaction, along with phone numbers and other pertinent information if possible. Not all of the Transactions have prices.

Transaction Processing
Commercial Transactions Database
Building Transactions With Prices $ 17.50 each
Land Transactions With Prices $ 12.50 each
Land & Building Transactions Without Prices $ 3.50 each
Tax Roll Database
$ 0.75 Per Record
$ 7.50 Minimum Charge Per Session
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Monthly Internet Service Pricing Plans ---Effective 1/1/2016
Transactions(Sales) Data/Tax Roll Service
Please Note: Sales per Month include both sales without price & sales with price
Please Note: Plan A To C Requires Three month Minimum Term
        Plan D Requires One Year Minimum Subscription Term
Plan A: $75 Per Month Base charge Base Allocation Overage
Transactions sales Price 120 $1.25/ea
County Tax Roll Data Unlimited $0.00
Plan B: $125 Per Month Base charge    
Transactions sales Price 250 $1.00/ea
County Tax Roll Data Unlimited $0.00
Plan C: $250 Per Month Base charge    
Transactions sales Price 600 $0.75/ea
County Tax Roll Data Unlimited $0.00
Plan D: $195 Per Month Base charge    
Transactions sales Price 750 $0.5/ea
County Tax Roll Data Unlimited $0.00
Final Note: Each month you will be sent a itemized printout of what you purchased.